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Who is Katalyst Aesthetics? That’s a really good question.  In fact, some days I feel like I’m still searching for that answer.  So I’m going to share with you who we are as people and then hopefully it will connect to why we do what we do.
Matthew R Odom was raised in Starke, Florida.  Yes, Starke!  Not sure what he was really wanting to do after high school, he found EMT/Paramedic training.  All of the sudden, in his element, Matthew was thriving.  He knew he loved working, medicine, and helping others. Yet there was always a nagging, yet excited voice (not a crazy kind of voice), asking him….”Could I do more?” or “Should I do more?”. Long story short, after about 7 difficult and trying, though gratifying years, Matthew became Matthew R Odom MD.  Graduating from the University of Miami, College of Medicine and completing Family Practice Residency at our very own University of Florida, Dr. Odom was now ready to embark on his own adventure.  Throughout his training, his love of Gainesville remained which is why he decided to stay put and practice medicine in the town that he calls home.
Yea, yea, yea great story.  Right??  Where do I fit in?  Where does aesthetics fit in?  Don’t worry I’m getting to the good stuff 🙂  So, I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Odom when he was still just Matt (however I like Matthew better)!  He was quiet, shy, unassuming, and kind.  I was in a transitional period in my life.  We became friends.  Blah, blah, blah.  About two years later, we’re married.  He has his nose buried in some, apparently very interesting book called MCAT?!?!? Who knows??  Anyways, next thing I know I’m married to a physician.  This was definitely not my life plan.  I was a worker bee.  I had been working in medicine for around 13 years.  I loved my occupation!!!  I was doing ultrasound for goodness sake.  How could you not love that.  Wait, wait, wait!  Before the thought even pops into your head….NO!  I did not just scan healthy babies with excited parents-to-be all day long.  Sonographers can scan almost any and every part of the body.  I loved the diversity.  I loved the technology and the diagnostic part of the job.   Hold up, sounds like perfection right.  Doctors wife who’s happy with her occupation.  What could be better??  Well that’s a different topic for a different day but I’ll tell you what is better.  My two baby boys I had waiting on me and their daddy at home.  
So now what?  Dr. Odom had more patients than he could have imagined and we had two boys that needed us.  Initially I went down to part-time and then due to unfortunate circumstances I became a full-time stay at home mom.  So truly blessed to be able to have this opportunity and spend some of the most vital years with my boys.  I was truly grateful!  Unfortunately, no matter how grateful for the opportunity, I was just not happy 🙁  With both boys now in school I was bored.  I was home alone and I didn’t like it!  And we should clear up that I am no good at being the school volunteer mom.  No shame!  It’s just not my game.  I felt a little hopeless for awhile and then realized it was ok to do something for myself.  I didn’t have to feel guilty for wanting to feel like a productive member of society, much less of my own family.
Ta Da….Katalyst Aesthetics was born!  Dr. Odom had already gone to Los Angeles to train in Botox, all things fillers, and PRP technology.  It made perfect sense for me to complete the other half of that puzzle.  I was lucky enough to find a couple of wonderful instructors who taught me not only what I needed to learn but also what I wanted to learn.  They knew my main focus and interest lied in Medical Aesthetics.  I learned using different IPL machines, skin and hair removal lasers, amongst other techniques such as the use of a dermafile, as well as dermaplaning.  I also had the pleasure of becoming a PCA Skin Certified Professional.  I was blessed.
Here we are.  After training, boards, certifications, learning marketing, attempting to learn social media platforms, and of course life, we now present you Katalyst Aesthetics.  By definition we want to be the Katalyst for you.  We want to help increase that rate of chemical reaction but more importantly we want to be the person that precipitates an event.  Our goal is to make you feel good about the skin and body you’re in. We are happy when you’re happy.  Through the latest in skin care equipment, our knowledge, our drive, and our desire to hear you, we can achieve the results that YOU want to see.
So that’s our story.  Come back and see future blogs that range from education about skin care, makeup, beauty, and medical aesthetic procedures and just possibly a few more about our lives and quite possibly the rantings of a physician’s wife 😉
Have a great week,
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Cynthia · April 19, 2018 at 11:20 am

Love this!!! 🙂

    Katalyst Aesthetics · April 19, 2018 at 11:27 am

    Thank you Cynthia!!

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